The Rubigold apple Discovery story and description


The story of Rubigold


We discovered Rubigold by chance in one of our existing orchards, which is located in Southern Tasmania a few weeks before harvest in 1997.


We were always disappointed with this particular block of fruit as every year we could never get the fruit to colour. We then found this one limb on one tree where every apple was completely red where all the other fruit was pale green. We watched this fruit until it was ripe then shared them with family and friends. Everyone loved them and wanted more.


This occurrence can happen one year but then revert back to its original form the following year.

So we took some wood and grafted it to see what would happen. The next season we had more beautiful, perfectly formed, highly coloured red apples with the same crisp texture and beautiful taste.


So every year we grew a few more and grafted some more to where we are now, many years later with a commercial orchard of this new wonderful variety.


So apart from hand grafting to multiply the trees which we did ourselves this variety has been completely created by mother nature.


We named it Rubigold as it describes the apple perfectly with its rich ruby red skin and crisp, juicy golden flesh.


Because of the unique characteristics Rubigold now has PBR (plant breeders rights) protection, which is a form of plant patent and a trademarked name

With its rich ruby coloured skin and crisp juicy golden flesh, Rubigold has a great balance of sweet and acidic tones, which linger in the mouth, urging you to take another bite.


When freshly cut, the Rubigold flesh remains golden and clear for longer than most other apple varieties making it the perfect addition to fruit salad and cheese platters.


Rubigold is also and excellent cooking apple for healthy recipes, requiring little or no added sugar. Perfect in a pie or delicious as a sauce to accompany pork.


 At present Rubigold apples are only grown  in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia.

That makes this variety uniquely 100% Tasmanian Owned and Grown.